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Morrison County
"Home of Charles Lindbergh"

Our Mission Statement & Philosophy

Mission Statement

The Morrison County Jail provides for the confinement of those arrested and accused of a crime, as well as those convicted and sentenced to jail by the courts. The mission will be reached in a cost-effective manner, with the safety of the public, staff, and inmates as our focus.


All inmates will be held accountable for their actions.
  • Programs will be made available to help the inmate realize their errors and move forward in a productive way.
  • Jail is not supposed to be fun nor pleasant. Inmates will leave the jail no worse physically, emotionally, or mentally than when they entered it.
  • A positive atmosphere shall be created for both staff and inmates through trained correctional staff, incentives for inmates through a classification system based on behavior, and access to a variety of programs to help them grow in a positive direction to assist their re-entry into the community.

    The Morrison County Jail Staff are committed to the preservation of the basic needs and constitutional rights as prescribed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections and the Constitution of the United States

    Sentenced/Huber Inmates Policy

    Inmates that are sentenced are responsible to pay for their stay in the Morrison County Jail.  Pursuant to Minnesota Statute 641.12, subdivision 3, all Morrison County Inmates are required to pay a fee for pay-to-stay and other authorized correctional services.  The per diem rate for pay-to-stay is $20.00 per day.  All medical expenses and other correctional fees owed will be billed with the pay-to-stay.

    Huber/Work release inmates are not charged pay-to-stay.   They are charged a Huber/ Work release fee.  The fee is $20.00 per day, seven days a week, for a total of $140.00 per week pre-paid weekly.  Huber/ Work release inmates are also responsible for their own medical expenses and other correctional expenses as they are incurred.

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