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Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that separates into strong, fine fibers.  Because of its heat resistance, strength and durability, asbestos has been used in construction and industry.  The fine fibers of asbestos can become airborne and float for a period of time.  Once airborne, the fibers can be easily breathed into the lungs where they can remain for many years and possibly cause lung related diseases.  There is no known safe level of exposure to asbestos. 
In the home:
Asbestos may be present in many materials in your home. It may be found in older home insulations and floor coverings, and in older electrical equipment such as fuse boxes, lamp socket collars and receptacle boxes. Listed below are other materials that may contain asbestos:

asbestos-cement corrugated sheet

asbestos-cement flat sheet

asbestos-cement pipe

asbestos-cement shingle

roof coatings

flooring felt

pipeline wrap

roofing felt

asbestos clothing

non-roof coatings

vinyl/asbestos floor tile

automatic transmission components

clutch facings

disc brake pads

drum brake linings

brake blocks

commercial and industrial asbestos friction products

sheet and beater-add gaskets (except specialty industrial)

commercial, corrugated, and specialty paper






Asbestos is hazardous if it can be crushed by hand pressure and its surface is not sealed. Without sealing its surface, small fibers may escape and enter your lungs.   Over exposure to asbestos can be potentially harmful to the individual.
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