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Morrison County
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Torrens Title

Torrens is a system for registration of land under which, upon the landowner’s application, the Court may, after appropriate proceedings, direct the issuance of a Certificate of Title. The Certificate of Title is kept in the office of the Registrar of Titles. With the “abstract system” an abstract is evidence of title. In the “Torrens system” the certificate of title is the title.
In Minnesota the County Recorder is the Registrar of Titles. The Registrar is an arm of the District Court and under its control. The Registrar must examine documents presented and determine that they meet the legal requirements to transfer the property and issue Certificates of Title, which are proof of ownership for the purchaser.
The Registrar also works closely with the Examiner of Titles. The Examiner is appointed by the court and is an advisor to the Registrar of Titles. The Examiner of Titles for Morrison County is Peter Vogel (320-632-5458).
Torrens Recording Fees Minnesota Statutes Section 508.82
  • $46.00 Deeds transferring Title (New Certificate)
  • $46.00 Entry of Memorial, for multiple certificates thereafter
  •             $20.00
  • $40.00 Residue certificate
  • $56.00 Plat/Registered Land Survey
  • $20.00 Exchange Certificate (for each certificate cancelled)
  •                                               (for each certificate issued)
  • $50.00 Well certificate
  • $50.00 Condition of Title
  • $10.00 Certified copies (per document)
The Morrison County Recorder’s Office accepts cash, checks or money orders for payment.

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