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*Assure an Adequate Local Public Health Infrastructure



The county boards of Morrison, Todd and Wadena Counties have formed a Board of Health via a Joint Powers Agreement.  The full Board of Health is composed of the five county commissioners in each of the three counties.  The Board appoints an Executive Committee composed of two county commissioners from each of the three counties.  An Administrative Task Force composed of the three public health directors meets on a quarterly basis. 

The administrator position is rotated among the three public health directors as a one year assignment.  The Morrison County Auditor serves as the fiscal agent.  Clerical support for the CHS Administrator is provided by the administrator’s public health department staff.


As part of a multi-county health system, Morrison participates with Todd and Wadena counties and as such abides by the organizational and administrative structures identified as below.


A Board of Health consisting of Cass, Morrison, Todd and Wadena County Commissioners was established in 1979 and was reconstructed by action taken 10/28/05 due to Cass’s withdrawal effective January, 2006.  The powers, duties, and responsibilities of this Board of Health are consistent with state statute requirements and vests authority for operation of the community health service system in the elected county commissioners.  Such centralization of authority in the county commissioners assures coordination of program both between the counties and within each county’s health service system.  Each county maintains an Advisory Committee for its own specific Community Health Services Program.

Below you will find the Annual Reports of the Morrison - Todd - Wadena Community Health Services Board of Health

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