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Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to motor vehicle-related questions!

Do you accept credit, debit, or check cards?
We accept MasterCard, Visa & Discover for Motor Vehicle, Driver's License & DNR transactions.  The card companies charge a 2.45% convenience fee to use your card.
We also accept cash, check, or money order. 
There is an ATM on site for your convenience.

What are the identification requirements to get a driver's license or ID card?
Visit the Driver & Vehicle Services site for a list of documents that are accepted.

Can snowmobiles, boats or ATV's be registered as collector?
Snowmobiles ~ Right now only snowmobiles have an option for collector.  "Collector Snowmobile" is defined as a snowmobile that is 25 years old or older, was originally produced as a separate identifiable make by a manufacturer, and is owned and operated solely as a collector item.
Contact the DNR for a collector license on snowmobiles at 1-800-285-2000
ATVs ~ If they are 25 years and older they are exempt from registration if they were originally produced as a separate, identifiable make by a manufacturer. ATVs 25 years and older MAY be registered for unlimited use.  This registration is non-transferable.  This is an optional registration.  The fee for this collector ATV registration will be $14.50, which can be purchased with your local Deputy Registrar of Motor Vehicles.
Watercraft ~ Doesn't have anything for collector, but does have a list of exemptions.  Check the current regulations manual for a list of exemptions.

How can I find out what I paid for registration on my vehicle last year? (for my income taxes)

Call the State's Public Information Center at 651-297-2126.

What are the stipulations for farm registration of my truck or trailer?
Farm Class gross weighted trucks and trailers used exclusively by the owner to transport FARM products or personal property and supplies to the owner's farm or occasionally used to transport unprocessed and raw farm products not produced by the owner of the truck or trailer from place of production to market, when such transportation constitutes the first haul of such products; or used to transport raw and unfinished forest products harvested by the truck or trailer owner from place of production to an assembly yard or railhead, when such transportation constitutes the first haul thereof; or used to transport milk and/or cream from a farm to an assembly point or place of final manufacture and/or from an assembly point to a place for final processing or manufacture, providing the truck is a single unit and solely constructed for such use.
T Class includes farmers, loggers and milk haulers.  The owners of vehicles registered in the T Class should be reminded of the limitations of operating these vehicles and trailers.

What are the trailer lighting requirements?
This website has the federal trailer lighting requirements,
If you have further questions contact, the State Patrol Information Center at (651) 297-3935.

What are your hours of business?

Monday - Wednesday & Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Thursday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

To ensure adequate service of your transactions, please be here 30 minutes before we close

Wait times tend to be shortest on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Expect longer wait times on Monday and Friday, and during the daily lunch hour

CLOSED Federal Holidays

What can I do if my drivers license was suspended, revoked or to check my status?

Contact a Driver Exam Station for your license information and reinstatement requirements. 

Our Exam Station in Little Falls is open Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00-4:30 (closed noon to 1:00pm) call (320) 616-2499.  

Or call Driver Evaluation at St. Paul at (651) 296-2025 to check status or to get reinstatement requirements. 

What do I do when I have lost or never received my vehicle renewal notice?

As long as you are the registered owner on record of this specific vehicle, bring in:

  • your drivers license
  • your plate number for the vehicle
  • your insurance information (insurance company name, policy number & policy expiration date: mm/dd/yyyy)

What do I need if I am coming into Minnesota and I have an out of state driver's license?

Both primary & secondary documents are required.  The most common primary is a certified birth certificate & the most common secondary is the out of state driver's license.  However if your name has changed since your birth record, we need that document providing your name change, for example a certified marriage certificate or certified court order.  A more complete list of acceptable documents can be found on the State of Minnesota's website.
In addition to the documents you will need to take the written test.  A written test is completed at a state exam station.  Your documents are also required at the exam station. The Little Falls station is open Wednesdays & Thursdays 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, closed noon to 1:00pm.  No appointment is necessary.  320-616-2499

For more information visit the State of Minnesota's website.

What if I don't receive my new driver's license, permit, or identification card within four weeks?

Visit any driver's license office within the State of Minnesota. 

Can't personally stop in?  Then you can call down to the State at (651) 297-3298.

What is the cost of Critical Habitat plates?
The plates are $10 and there is also a $30 contribution fee.  This contribution fee is annual which you pay at the time of renewal.  The contribution fee is matched dollar-for-dollar with private donations to purchase critical resource lands for wildlife management, scientific research, conservation and to improve habitat for fish, wildlife and native plants.  Interested in more?  Visit the DNR website.

What is the cost of the Support Our Troops plates?
The plates are $10 and there is also a $30 contribution fee.  This contribution fee is annual, which you pay at the time of renewal.  The contribution fee is split between the Department of Military Affairs for financial support of military families in Minnesota and the Department of Veteran Affairs for grant programs for homeless and needy veterans in Minnesota.  Need more information?  Telephone: 651-4TROOPS (651-487-6677) or visit DVS website.

Where can I get a copy of my driving record?

You may get a copy of your driving record at any Minnesota State Exam Office. 

The Little Falls Exam Station is open Wednesday & Thursday, from 8:00 to 4:30 (closed noon to 1:00pm).

Where do I obtain a work permit?

Begin with contacting Driver Evaluation at the State, 651-296-2025.  Once you have contacted them, they will instruct you on how to pick up your temporary license. 

You may also contact the Little Falls exam station on Wednesday or Thursday at 320-616-2499.

Where do I pay my reinstatement fee?
At any Minnesota exam station

The Little Falls exam station is open Wednesday & Thursday 8:00 - 4:30 (closed noon to 1:00 p.m.) Telephone: 320-616-2499

Where is Motor Vehicle located?
In the building, we are located on the Main Level of the Government Center.  Our address is 213 - 1st Avenue SE, Little Falls, MN.

Why doesn't anyone answer my call at Motor Vehicle?
If everyone is busy with a customer, we will continue to serve that customer.  Please leave a voice mail message and we will return your call as soon as we are able. 

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