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Jail Phone System

The Morrison County Jail uses Reliance Telephone Inc. In order for you to receive phone calls, the inmate will either need to purchase phone cards from Reliance or Set up an account through Reliance Telephone. You can also leave Voicemail messages for inmates.

Voice Mail

You can dial 320-632-0036 and leave a message for the person incarcerated. You will dial the number and follow the instructions. The detained person can retrieve your voice mail message anytime he or she has access to the phone. The messages will be retained for three days and then automatically deleted.

Please be advised that the messages are not confidential!

Phone Card Purchases

Detainees can purchase phone cards from the jail for $10.00. Friends and Family may purchase phone cards from Reliance Telephone's website.

Setting up an account

If you have a toll restriction on your telephone line, use a cell phone, or you receive telephone billing from an alternate telephone company, please call this number; 800-896-3201 to establish an account with Reliance Telephone.

Your number will be blocked from receiving collect calls if the calls cannot be billed through your regular telephone company. To be safe and avoid problems, please call this number; 800-896-3201 to establish an account with Reliance Telephone.

If you would like to set up billing arrangements by mail with Reliance Telephone, you may fill out the enrollment form and send it to:

Reliance Telephone
P.O. Box 547
East Grand Forks, MN 56721-0547

Office Hours 9:00-6:00 7 days a week

To set up an account immediately, call 800-896-3201 and have a credit card ready or ask for the instructions on how to send a Western Union or MoneyGram payment.

Billing of Collect Calls

Most telephone collect call charges will appear directly on the telephone bill of the number called. Some telephone numbers are toll restricted or are not capable of receiving collect call billing. These telephone numbers must establish a minimum $35.00 prepayment account directly with Reliance Telephone.

The first time you hear from a detained person, may be your last if we can't establish billing with your telephone company. To guarantee future calls, please call the 800-896-3201 customer service number to establish a direct account with Reliance Telephone.

Accepting Collect Calls

To avoid call disconnects, do not answer call waiting, or attempt to put the caller on hold. Do not attempt to place a three-way call as attempting to do so will result in a permanent block on your number. Portable and cellular phones may also cause calls to disconnect. Use a regular touch tone phone to accept calls. Accidentally pressing the touch tone pad while in conversation will also result in a disconnect.
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