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Cathode Ray Tube Prohibition

As of July 1, 2006, cathode-ray tube (CRT) containing devices cannot be placed in the garbage. 

What is a CRTcontaining device?  CRTs are found in video display devices such as televisions and computer monitors.
How do I get rid of a CRT containing device?  You must recycle your unwanted CRTs.  The Morrison County Solid Waste Management Facility (MC SWMF) aka the "Landfill" accepts electronics year-round and is locally the most suitable place to be recycled.
Where can I recycle my CRTs and other electronics?
  • Morrison County accepts electronics year-round at the landfill.

Computer peripherals (keyboards, mice, speakers)                NO CHARGE
Small (Up to 19" screen, VCRs, DVD players, printers,fax)    Weight of unit ($85/ton) + $10.00 each
Medium (20" to 27" screen, monitors, CPUs)                          Weight of unit ($85/ton) + $15.00 each
Large (28" screen or larger, console TVs)                               Weight of unit ($85/ton) + $20.00 each
Computer System (Monitor & CPU)                                         Weight of unit ($85/ton) + $15.00/system

For more information on electronics, visit the websites below:
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