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Damaging Effects of Meth

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Long term users of Methamphetamine are observed to suffer from paranoia, moodiness, auditory and sensory hallucinations, and generalized hyperactivity known as tweaking. The long term use of this drug damages blood vessels, and users often present with abscesses and lesions or sores on their faces. Severe cravings accompany withdrawal from the drug, and to counteract the brains ability to develop a tolerance to the effects of meth, users are known to binge in an attempt to experience the high again. Intense anxiety and depression are also known to go along with the use of this drug. Long term use can also cause confusion, insomnia and aggressive or violent behavior.  Meth use can increase cardiovascular problems like damage to the small blood vessels in the brain. Binge use has been known to cause the feeling of ant's crawling on one's skin. Users often see "shadow people" or think "something" is there that is not. A degree of paranoia is often the long term effects of use of this drug.

 Below are a couple of letters written by people who were in treatment at the time and how it affected their lives.

Meth Impact Letter 


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