Delinquent Property Taxes

Taxes become delinquent on January 1 of the year following the due dates.  A penalty accrues beginning on the day after a due date, then increases monthly through the end of the year.  Interest begins accruing on the unpaid amount, including the penalty, at a rate determined by the State of Minnesota Department of Revenue.  The amounts change monthly as long as they remain unpaid.  A judgment is entered against the property if they remain unpaid through April, and the forfeiture process is begun. 

To find what is currently owed against your property, view this month’s delinquent list below, or contact the County Auditor’s Office, at 320-632-0137.

Payable 2023 and Prior Information Only

1.  An updated listing will generally be posted within the first week of each month.
2.  If you see "COJ" under the name on the parcel, the amounts shown are not correct, and you need to contact the Auditor’s Office for the proper amount due.
3.  The interest is calculated on a monthly basis, and the "Interest calculated through" date is listed at the top of each page.
4.  Payments made after the end of a month are not reflected on the listing.
5.  If you have questions about the listing, or about a Confession of Judgment (COJ) amount, please contact the Morrison County Auditor’s Office.
6.  The list is numerical by parcel number.  Scroll through the list to find your parcel number, or use the search feature to locate it more quickly. 

Ditch Assessment

This department collects the improvement & repair cost for county ditches. This cost is assessed & divided to those property owners who benefit from the ditch.

Property Conveyance

Together with the Recorder’s office, we review deeds that come in for recording.  We examine the deed & compare it to our records as well as check the property tax status. 

Property Divisions & Combinations

Parcel Split

To split a parcel, there are a few steps to follow:  

First, you will want to begin this process with the Land Services department to inquire if it is possible. Next, to have our approval, we are required to follow State statute, and all property taxes must be paid in full on the parcel(s) to be split.  A survey is required if the starting property is less than or creates a parcel less than 40 acres. The final step is at the Recorder's office, to have documents recorded.  Note that if the split occurs within city limits, contact that city for their process. This is just an abbreviated version, further information & steps may be required.

Parcel Combine

To combine parcels, there are a few requirements & approval from Land Services is needed. Please fill out & submit the combination form.

Tax Forfeited Land

We highly recommend that you thoroughly research any tax forfeited parcels before purchase
Review the
Notice for Potential Buyers