Boards of Appeal and Equalization

The Morrison County Land Services Office announces the Local Boards of Appeal & Equalization meetings will start April 12, 2021. The purpose of these meetings is to provide a fair and objective forum for property owners to appeal their property valuation or classification for taxes payable in 2022. If you wish to appeal the value or classification of your property for the 2021 assessment, taxes payable in 2022, please contact the Morrison County Land Services Office to discuss your concerns with a County Appraiser. If you do not agree with the valuation or classification after discussing it with the appraisers, you may make an appointment to appear at your Local Board of Appeal & Equalization. Appointments can be made by contacting the Morrison County Land Services Office at (320) 632-0170 or toll free at (866) 401-1111, ext. 170.

Board meetings organized by Date - The Local Boards for the 2021 assessment  year are adjourned

Board meetings organized alphabetically by Jurisdiction - The Local Boards for the 2021 assessment year are adjourned

Anyone who wishes to make an appeal may do so in person, virtually by using Microsoft Teams, by letter, or have a representative appear for them. Per State Law, you MUST APPEAL to the Local Board of Appeal & Equalization BEFORE you can appeal to the County Board of Appeal & Equalization. Questions regarding the Boards can be directed to the Land Services Office at the above number. The Morrison County Land Services Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. The Land Services Office is located upper level of the central building of the Government Center at 213 1st Ave SE in Little Falls, MN. Property values may be viewed on line by accessing the Morrison County GIS-Beacon page.

Attend meetings by going to the Land Services Virtual Meetings page.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to see all of the Local Board meeting dates, times and virtual links.