Motor Vehicle

Title Transfer & Duplicates

We always suggest that buyers and sellers come into the office together. This will ensure a smooth title transfer.

There are many variables to transferring a title. These variables determine what the fees for the transaction will be.

Please remember that you are required to present us with auto insurance covering all motorized vehicles. We will need the company name, policy number and full expiration date (mm/dd/yy).

Lien Release

One important item to have is a ’lien release’. If there is a secured party listed on the title, you must have an original lien release, or check with your lender for possible electronic lien processing. Banks do not notify the state when a loan is paid off. You will then need to bring in the title and lien release to have the lien holder removed from your title.

Special Transfer

If you have a special transfer situation, please call our office. The information we provide may save you an extra trip.

You must be the registered owner of the vehicle to request duplicate plate/sticker, registration, or titles.

Duplicate Fees

There is a small fee for duplicates. We have a full inventory of plates and stickers and can replace them immediately. If your plate is a "special" plate, we will give you a permit to drive on while the state is processing your duplicate plate application.

New Vehicles

We are here to help citizens transfer vehicles they have purchased or built.

The documents you may need:

  • Manufacturer Certificate of Origin
  • Out-of-State Vehicle Title
  • Photos
  • Purchase Agreement

Registration Age

Sale of Vehicles to Persons Under 18

Law prohibits transfer of a passenger automobile or truck to anyone under the age of 18 unless any of the following conditions exist:

  • A. Individual is 17 years of age and has successfully completed an approved course in driver education.
  • B. Individual is 17 years of age and a high school graduate.
  • C. Individual is an employed, emancipated minor and holds a Minnesota driver’s license.
  • D. Individual became the registered owner of the vehicle before becoming a Minnesota resident.

Note: The law does not apply to motorcycles, motor scooters, mopeds or trailers.

Vehicles Plates and Registration (Tabs)

Registration renewals can be done: in person, by mail or at the local drop box. This includes all regular, farm and commercial automobiles, trailers, motorcycles, mopeds, and all DNR vehicles. If you are the registered owner and cannot find or did not receive a notice, we can renew your registration with your plate number and driver’s license, and insurance information.

Registered Owners

If you are not the registered owner and want to renew a vehicle’s registration, you will either need the renewal notice or a written permission note due to data privacy laws. The note must indicate the year, make, plate and insurance information. The note must be signed by the owner. If more than one owner, only one signature is required. The owner must indicate who they are giving permission to, their driver’s license number and telephone number. If you are a spouse and are not on the title without the renewal form, you must have the same address.

Farm Registration

Applies to trucks, tractors, truck tractors and trailers registered for over 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight. Registration is based on vehicle gross weight. Vehicle may be registered quarterly - plate must display a year validation sticker and gross weight sticker.


Farm trailers under 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight are exempt from registration if use is limited to transportation of agricultural, horticultural, dairy and other farm products. They may also be used to transport forest products and other raw farm products when the transportation constitutes the first haul of the products. (Excluding horses)

Trailers - Recreational and Utility

We register campers, motor homes and utility trailers. All of these vehicles are due the end of February. Utility/boat, ATV and snowmobile trailers with a gross weight under 3,000 lbs. will receive a ’lifetime’ registration. These trailers are generally not titled. All other trailers’ registration fees are based on their weight.

Insurance Requirements

When applying for a motor vehicle or motorcycle registration, re-registration or transfer of ownership you must provide proof of insurance. Required information includes the insurance company name, the policy number, and the policy expiration date.