Mission & Values

Our Mission

Morrison County will provide cost-effective, high-quality services in a friendly and respectful manner.

Our Values

Trust is paramount to good government and is at the heart of everything we do. Trust is built through honesty, transparency, and accountability.

We are proud of our community and our county government but humble in knowing we can always do better.

We are friendly and empathetic and strive to understand the unique situation of our residents and each other to deliver timely solutions that work for people.

We take an innovative approach to problem-solving and collaborate with each other and partners to find solutions that serve our community well.

Our Strategic Imperatives

Resident-Centric Structure We will update our operations and restructure as appropriate to ensure we are meeting the present and future needs of our residents.

Collaboration We will seek out new opportunities and foster existing partnerships to achieve greater collaboration between departments and community partners.

Communications We will improve our communications strategy to help modernize our operations, improve resident service, improve transparency, and deliver quality internal and external communications.

Technology We will invest in technology to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness that will improve constituent service and help manage the costs of government.

Human Resource Management We will improve the quality of human resource management to further develop our culture, leadership, teamwork, performance management, and succession planning to improve our recruitment and retention of employees.