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Assessment Survey

  1. House Updates or Remodel

    Please check the item below if you have done any remodeling or updates.  Add the year remodeled after selecting the item.

  2. House Additions or Removals

    Have there been any building additions or removals in the last five years?

  3. Exterior of House

    Please check all that apply

  4. Roof Covering

    Please select type of roof covering

  5. Interior House Finish
  6. Bathroom Details
  7. Heating with Geothermal?
  8. Air Conditioning
  9. Floor Covering

    Check all that apply

  10. Basement Finish Amount

    Please select percentage of basement finish

  11. Basement Finish Details
  12. Ceiling
  13. Walls
  14. Flooring
  15. Walk-Out Basement
  16. Attached Garage
  17. Detached Garage
  18. Detached Garage Exterior Siding

    Please select all that apply

  19. Detached Garage Interior Finish

    Please select all that apply

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